1031 Exchange

Who We Are

We are a brokerage division of NAI Legacy specializing in buy-side representation for 1031 tax-deferred investors. As a member of the NAI Global network, we utilize a national network of over 6,000 real estate professionals to effectively source and execute 1031-exchange deals at no cost to our clients.

What We Do

We work closely with our clients to understand their unique investment position and analyze potential opportunities. We synthesize local and national industry-leading sources of data to provide a comprehensive analysis of the current investment market.

We utilize our national network of real estate professionals to source both on and off-market deals. We provide clients with the best exchange opportunities, regardless of which company has the listing.

Our team has experience in more than $500 million tax-deferred investment transactions. We leverage our previous experience as both principals and brokers to navigate the complexities of the 1031-exchange process.

We utilize our NAI network of over 6,000 real estate professionals to source managing solutions in any market. We engage the local office in any target market to provide a local management solution

Case Study

Our team of dedicated professionals were approached by a client with a management-intensive multi-family property in California. We worked with our client to understand their goals of owning a more passive investment and established a plan to exchange them into a NNN property in Florida.

After creating an action plan with our client, we utilized our national database of NNN deals to source multiple exchange opportunities in the Florida area. We also engaged the local NAI office in the region to select the best exchange opportunities in the area.

Our client decided to exchange into a NNN Advance Auto Parts store. We then consulted with our local NAI office to engage the best local team of real estate professionals to assist with due diligence and closing.

​After closing, we provided an asset management solution for our client and continue to assist them with ongoing asset management and accounting. With complete knowledge of our client’s goals and situation, we efficiently executed an exchange from an active investment to a passive NNN investment across the country.