Industry Watch

Looking Closer at The Surge in Workplace Searches

Covid 19 greatly impacted the CRE industry, and it was the office market that was hit the hardest. However, a recent shift towards returning in the office has led to more and more company’s looking for office space again. Read more here.

The Future: Co-Warehousing

A new $10.8M project in Denver may be the future for the warehouse industry. The idea of Co-Warehousing takes a traditional warehouse space and converts it into warehouse units with creative office space. The goal of these Co-Warehousing spaces is to fulfill the needs of tenants that require more sophisticated logistical support. Read more here.

CRE Investors Respond to Rising Inflation

Investors are proceeding with caution; however, developers are not. How will inflation continue to influence the CRE industry? Read more here.

WeWork Moving to Residential

The popular co-working office development company has entered a new market. Will WeWork have as much success in multi-family developments as they have had in office developments? Read more here.