Top Reasons Why Office Vacancy Rates Are High

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Top Reasons Why Office Vacancy Rates Are High

The U.S. office market has yet to recover from the negative impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite office vacancies remaining high, new office developments have not slowed down. The U.S. has seen 473,050 square feet of office space under construction as of July 2022. Read more here.

What Does the Future Look Like For The Construction Industry?

Supply chain issues have heavily affected the construction industry. However, supply shortages and shipping delays have not affected the number of new developments set to begin. Read more here.

Looking Closer at The Industrial Markets Fast Growth

The industrial market, specifically in Chicago, has been on the rise. The Chicago industrial market in growing rapidly to respond to the tenant demand that exceeds Chicago’s building supply. One of the top business segments generating the high demand is the local business segment. Read more here. 

What Does The Future Look Like For The Office Market?

The end of the covid-19 pandemic caused the office industry to adjust to remote work. Will the shift towards getting back in the office and hybrid work be the push the office industry needs. Read more here.